This will be the most common applications on the iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 is and will be for a long time the epicenter of rumorology Technological, we have no choice, and since the countdown has begun as far as the presentation is concerned, we all know that sometime between mid-September and early October we will be able to have the first official images of the device, although we probably have a fairly accurate idea much earlier.

Something that is creating many doubts is how the applications will look on that peculiar screen, and that is that the upper tongue on the screen can be somewhat problematic. Let's take a quick look at what the main iOS applications would look like in this new screen ratio.

A user interface specialist, Maksim Petriv, has imagined what would be the applications that we use most commonly in some variants according to the method that Apple decides to finally use to use the peculiar screen of the iPhone 8, no doubt here we will find opinions quite different, and that is that in terms of tastes there is absolutely nothing written, and it could not be less considering the renovation so important in terms of design that the Cupertino company wants to perform.

We can observe in all that the most peculiar is how it is going to be able to integrate the “virtual Home button” without it being horrendous, or for example how much screen we will lose exactly in the extension that is made by the two sides, an example is this capture that Petriv himself has shared what a video would look like and the playback controls. Honestly, from my point of view, except in native applications, we will rarely see both sides expanded as an extension of the screen, because the black projection where the sensors are located could cause a loss of information.

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