Tile has just introduced the Tile Pro and Tile Mate models

Tile has presented two new models of its well-known locator devices. They are the new Tile Pro and Tile Mate, with very interesting news, such as replaceable battery and greater range.

Tile devices are locator devices that will allow us, as the name implies, to locate what we have joined them to.

We managed to locate them both through bluetooth, emitting a sound, and through the app, in which we can know the last known position (the last time we were close). Further, It has a community that can help you locate it, as well as it helps us to locate our mobile from a Tile that will make the iPhone ring (regardless of whether it was silent).

The top model they have presented is the Tile Pro, both in specifications and in size and weight. It comes in the colors white or black, and improves the previous models the range of Bluetooth, up to 90 meters (normal were 30 meters) and a volume of up to three times more loud.

Of course, now includes a button battery to change it when we run out of battery Something that could not be done in previous models and we were forced to change it for a new one with the Tile exchange program (which gave you another device at a lower price).

His design, like all of Tile, It is discreet and easy to hang or stick to anything Let us think about it. In addition, they boast high resistance to the environment.

The other new model is Tile Mate, a smaller version, cheaper but with more moderate specifications. It has a range of 45 meters and a sound 50% louder than the old Tile Slim. The positive side is that it weighs only 7 grams and is much smaller than the Tile Pro.

Also includes replaceable button cell by ourselves, so we can use it beyond the year of battery life without problems.

Both devices are already on the European website for sale. The Tile Pro costs € 35 (€ 2 for € 60) and Tile Mate costs € 25 (€ 4 for € 65) To which we must add a shipment of € 4.

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