Twitter doesn't count photos and links for its 140 limit

Not long ago, I saw an iPhone News tweet in which the headline of the news was cut. If you follow us on Twitter, you will have noticed that we publish the headline of the article, a link to the post and the featured image of it. At the moment, both the photo and the link subtract characters to the limit of 140 that Twitter It has established, but that is something that could have the days counted.

According to Bloomberg, who cites sources familiar with the topic, Twitter stop counting photos and links as part of 140 character messages. The person who has provided the information wants to remain anonymous and ensures that the change could be made within two weeks. At the moment, the links have 23 characters, while the photos remain with 24, so if both are sent, the low limit of 140 characters to 93.

Twitter will allow more information to be added within two weeks

It is clear that Twitter is an important social network and, although much of its charm has it for that limit of 140 characters, it is a fact that sometimes we need something else to express ourselves. That is the reason why users have to send a screenshot to a notes application with written text or use applications such as TwitLonger, a service that allows us to write much more text that is accessed through a link that is included in the tweet.

Personally, I am sure what the next step should be: it had been speculated that the limit would be increased to 10,000 characters, something that is already available in direct messages, but that could make reading our Timeline a nightmare, for what would be best to include a service that works like TwitLonger. The idea is that the messages remain 140 characters (that the photos and links do not count is fine), but that we can activate an option to include more text if we wish. It would be best not to have the default option active, since this could cause our Timeline to be filled with unnecessary links in cases where a message can be edited and meet the 140 character limit, if not activate it in a tweet that required it (as long as, as I said, it could not be edited to fit 140 characters).

In any case, what seems to be closer is that the photos and links stop counting for the limit of 140 characters, something that will happen in two weeks. The question that remains is: will they release this API so that we can use it in third-party applications? or it will only be available from the official versions?

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