two functions of the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch Series 4 is being a success in sales. However, having an intelgent Apple watch is now much easier after the third generation price drop. Although there are news not available, there is great technology behind and many activities can be done, Among those that stand out, above all, the recording and measurement of physical exercise.

Apple has published two videos teaching two outstanding functions of watchOS: Training and SOS Emergencies. The big apple has been publishing several short tutorials for several months presenting small functions of fast action: visual and direct.

SOS Training and Emergencies, two functions of the Apple Watch

The large number of functions and tools available on the Apple Watch are not encompassed in a single video. That is why Apple is posting small videos Showing some interesting action of the clock. A good way to know the environment of the device, before acquiring a personal one: to see the interface and what features the smart watch can provide.

In this first video the entire ecosystem of the Physical training. In just one touch we can start the recording of a physical activity. In addition, we can define the type of activity or simply leave the clock that suits our routines or other type of activity. If we have forgotten, the clock detects that we have started the training and begins to register it. When we finish the activity, watchOS will show us a summary with the fundamental data of the training and we can proceed to save it.

In the second case, Apple highlights the entire package of functions related to situations of SOS emergencies. If we press and hold the power button we can proceed to make a call to the emergency number of the country in which we are located. In addition, we can also access medical data, important in emergency situations for the medical team that can assist us and have no information about us.

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