Viv demonstrates his new virtual assistant

Viv, which includes a large part of the team that worked at Siri about five years ago, presented its new virtual assistant yesterday. There was a lot of expectation, who they are and what they promised, that he was a virtual assistant much more capable than Siri, which was the idea they had in the beginning but that they had to put aside when Apple bought them the technology.

In the next video, of just over 11 minutes, we can see a demonstration of the new Artificial Intelligence assistant. We must recognize that his recognition and understanding of the orders is one step ahead of Siri, something that is demonstrated when he asks “Will it be hotter than 21º on the Golden Gate Bridge after 5 p.m. the day after tomorrow?”And he answers correctly, although, logically, the answer would be the same if he had asked the same question but about California.

Viv Virtual Assistant Demonstration

Viv focuses on integration with applications and third-party developers. This is precisely the Achilles heel of Siri, since Apple wants to have full control over its technology and, although I am sure that it will be able to do so in the future, at this moment it is not able, for example, to send a WhatsApp. But Viv also has her weakness: Siri, Cortana or Google Now are integrated into the system. What does this mean? Well, we can invoke them with the voice and can make changes of all kinds at any time by always running in the background. As good as Viv is, it will only be an application to which we will have to pay attention so that it can work.

What I do think we have to do is recognize the work done by the team that also helped create Siri, but I am left with the feeling that his intention has not been to create a virtual assistant (which, by the way, does not has a voice), if not show what could be done if developers and companies agreed or that another company more permissive than Apple arrives and seizes its services. It will be interesting to see the future of Viv's project.

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