Viv prepares another artificial intelligence product

When Scott Forstall demonstrated Siri 5 years ago, we could say that artificial intelligence was only seen in science fiction movies. Actually, I don't think Siri is an AI software (I think AI has to be much more), if not one that understands more or less what we ask for and responds to something we have previously been programmed. Maybe this is what you want to change Viv, the company that created the virtual assistant that since 2011 accompanies us on all iOS devices and other Apple products.

Several years ago we learned about the existence of Viv Labs, but they have not created anything since they were part of the team that created Siri. According to the Washington Post, next Monday Viv will launch its first artificial intelligence assistant, software that, according to what we can read in a tweet from Dag Kittlaus, has been developing for three and a half years.

Viv prepares to launch a new assistant

The show time will be next week after 3.5 years of work

The third part of the team behind Siri is now in Viv and they intend to complete a bigger dream that they will be able to do much more than Apple's virtual assistant can do. This sounds great, but we will have to wait until next Monday to know if they get what they propose.

Viv pretends to be an open system, more or less like the original version of Siri before Apple bought the software in 2010. As far as is known, it now includes links to applications and services such as Uber, FTD, SeatGuru and GrubHub. In the Washington Post publication they set an example that we can order a Domino’s pizza without having to make the call, which on the one hand demonstrates the potential of your software but, being realistic, to have to talk like that with a machine, maybe it's better to call and talk to a person or use an application, right? In any case, we will see what they have prepared for us on Monday, May 9.

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