Vodafone increases your rate data and WhatsApp stop counting

Vodafone announced today the changes in its rates that a few days ago were rumored: they have increased the data that their clients have available in their current rates, from 2GB, 4GB and 6GB of the current rates to 6GB, 10GB and 20GB, yes, in exchange for a small rise in the price of the plans. But perhaps the most striking and important for many is that the data consumed by messaging services such as WhatsApp or Telegram will stop counting in your consumption, so we can say that using those applications "will be really free". We give you more details below.

More data and small price increase

The rates will be effective as of April 28, although there are already many users who have our accounts updated to those amounts of data. The increases in data that we can consume for free without speed reduction occur in both convergent rates (including mobile, ADSL or fiber and television) and isolated mobile rates. Of course, this increase in data means an increase in the price of the tariff, which in the case of Vodafone One customers will be € 3 for those with the One S and One L rates, and € 5 for customers with One L rate.

Customers who do not have convergent rates but individual mobile rates will see quantities increased evenly and less, only € 2 more. The tables that we have placed just above these lines already include the amounts of data and the updated prices that, as we say, will take effect from April 28, although we insist that some users already have them applied, at least as to what is amount of data refers, not so far in prices.

Chat Zero: WhatsApp and Telegram no longer consume

But perhaps what will interest many more will be that messaging applications, including WhatsApp and Telegram, will stop counting on data usage. This for many users is great news since they use their smartphones basically for these applications, and they will see how their data consumption is drastically reduced when this measure takes effect. In addition to these two messaging services Vodafone will stop counting the data consumed by Message +, Line, We Chat and BlackBerry IM, as well as the SMS and MMS we send. Could this happen with Netflix or HBO? Dreaming is free.

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