Volterman introduces the concept of Smart Portfolios

Smart products flood us … smartphones, smart watches, smart light bulbs … even smart coffee makers. But we are missing something that we always carry over and that despite the efforts of the digital era to end it, it has invariably survived for years: the portfolio. That essential accessory in our lives and that houses so much information, can also become intelligent, and Volterman wants to prove it.

With three different types of accessories (card, wallet and travel wallet) that include all the same features (External battery, wireless charging, GPS locator, WiFi Hotspot, anti-theft system and distance alarm) Volterman wants the wallet to go far beyond carrying our cards and tickets, making it essential again.

Volterman says he wants to maintain the quality of high-end wallets and wallets, for which he has used the best materials in the manufacture of his accessories. But the really important thing comes inside, with GPS to be able to locate the portfolio in real time wherever it is, a camera that will capture the face of whoever opens the wallet when in loss mode, 3G connectivity to always be connected and serve as a WiFi access point, integrated battery from 2000 to 5000mAh depending on the chosen portfolio model, and the possibility of wirelessly recharging (iPhone) your iPhone or any other smartphone. It is also manufactured to be waterproof and has different cables (lightning, microSUB and USB-C) to recharge all types of smartphones.

A speaker completes the electronic devices it contains to sound an alarm in case you leave your wallet somewhere, and thanks to the app for iOS and Android the same will also happen if what you leave is the mobile. In addition, thanks to the good catch of the project they have managed to provide the portfolio with an SD slot for a 32GB card that will be used to back up the contents of your smartphone.

The prices of the different models range from $ 109 for the card holder, the simplest model with 2000mAh battery, $ 149 for the normal wallet with a 2600mAh battery, and $ 175 for the larger travel wallet with a battery of up to 5000mAh. If you want all devices, including a wireless charging base for your wallet and your smartphone, the price is $ 385. To make your reservation or more information you can access the project page from this link.

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