We analyze WALTR2, send and receive all kinds of files to your iPhone

Many users choose different alternatives when transferring files between their iOS devices and their Mac, which is why we want to introduce you WALTR 2, the second edition of one of the most popular file transfer tools between iOS and Mac in the software landscape. If what you want is to send a file (of any format and style) to your iOS device quickly, you should stay tuned for the article, and we are going to show you how WALTR 2 works and what are the benefits that place it ahead of the competition as our definitive file transfer tool.

What is WALTR 2?

This software is a universal connection bridge between our computer and our Apple device in question, by this we mean that it is possible to connect any device, from the last iPhone 7 to the iPod Classic launched in 2001. In addition, it has an intelligent content adaptation system, to The Softorino development team has worked a lot. In this way, the content will be converted quickly, without loss of quality and without the need for further steps.

How could it be otherwise, and especially because the Mac does not have enough ports, the program has an automatic WiFi connection with our devices, which will leave us free a USB port that could be useful for other things. In this way, we can transmit or transfer to our devices high resolution audio of the following formats: MP3, FLAC, APE, ALAC, AAC, AIFF, WAV. In addition, we will also have on-the-go video transmission, which means that we can quickly transfer a video to the iOS Videos application (which disappears in iOS 10.2) with support for 4K resolution in formats such as MKV and the AVI.

All are facilities on many levels

According to the development team, we are facing an area where there are no competitors, and that is that WALTR 2 is fully compatible with Apple Music, that is, all the music will go to our Apple Music libraries. However, they also promise that we can pass songs as a ringtone simply by changing the format, something that I have not got to work in any way, for some reason I don't know.

As for accessibility, the application will encode the metadata of the songs, in this way it will solve possible errors at the writer level, showing us the exact content of the music that we have introduced in the device. On the other hand, subtitles that include our video content can be played on iPhone / iPad, as it will force the SRT and ASS format that will allow us to select subtitles in the Videos application.

Formats with which WALTR 2 is compatible

  • Video: MKV, AVI, MP4, MOV, MPEG, m2ts, 3GP, WMV, H264, H265
  • Text / Image: ePub and PDF
  • M4R tones

How do we use WALTR 2?

It has no loss, that's what your development team has taken care of, the interface becomes desperately simple, a small window will open where the iPhone will recognize us. In the case of enabling files to be transmitted via WiFi automatically, I have not been able to make it work (iPhone 6s with iOS 10.1- MacBook Pro Retina 13 ″ macOS Sierra), however, Lightning cable is really fast.

Just take the video or audio file you want and drag it over your device in the relevant window and it will move very fast. In order to use it we will go to the native application in question, be it Apple Music or Videos.

Prices and availability

WALTR 2 has a 24-hour test for both Windows and Mac, however, the lifetime license for future updates costs $ 39.95. If you are a little more cautious, you can get the license of $ 19.95 to be a user of the previous version of WALTR. To get hold of it you can click on the link we leave below to go to its official website.

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