We tested iOS 11 Beta 7 and these are all the news

We continue testing the IOS beta 11, halfway between the obligation to inform our readers and the pure vice that involves installing an operating system even in diapers. However, if you have been following us for the last month, you will know that Apple is doing a job with the Beta that we have not seen for a long time, both in terms of performance and the autonomous battery.

However, with each new Beta, new features arrive at the system level, although they are small. That's why we have thoroughly tested the Beta 7 of iOS 11 and We tell you what are all the news that have come to stay in this version of iOS, know them with us.

The reality is that in this edition we have found very few novelties, the first is that the animation icon waves The music widget is now not white, but it becomes a light blue when we are playing music through wireless headphones. Another novelty of the same music widget in the Control Center is that Now the logo of the iOS Music app will appear, but not that of others like Spotify, will just continue to show the cover of the song or album.

Another small detail when we wear headphones is that when the volume goes up in the Control Center the bar will turn yellow when we are reaching the limit, as established by current legislation. Finally, problems such as Bluetooth and Airplane Mode have been solved and the lock screen clock has been redesigned. Meanwhile, many users complain about postprocessing of the camera image, and the battery's autonomy remains at a good level since the sixth beta, as long as we don't run applications like YouTube or GPS.

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