We tested the Dotts Vantablack headphones, quality and price in good proportion

The suppression of the headphone jack on the iPhone has had an immediate consequence: the Bluetooth headphones have become the kings of the track. With increasing popularity due to improved audio, autonomy and at lower and lower prices, users are increasingly opting for the freedom granted by these wireless headphones.

The last technological step has been the appearance of the “True Wireless” headphones, 100% wireless, where devices such as The Dash or Apple's own Airpods are sweeping, although with a high price. This is where they appear. Dotts Vantablack headphones, a Spanish brand that has wanted to enter this complicated market without any fear and offers us a balanced product, with good benefits and at a very tight price. We have tried them and we tell you our impressions.

Features and specifications

Vantablack Dotts are headphones that are now called "True Wireless", that is, they are wireless (Bluetooth 4.2) but also they lack all kinds of cable, not even the one that connects one headset to the other. One of the headphones is configured as a “main” headset and will be connected to the iPhone, and the other will be a “satellite” that will be connected to the main headset. Either of the two headphones can perform any of the roles, although the brand itself tells you that if you have configured the first one as the main one, keep your choice to avoid problems.

They are presented in a transport box that simultaneously plays the role of charger and external battery. The autonomy of the Vantablack is 2 hours and a half according to the specifications of the brand, and in my tests we can say that it is quite close to this figure. Authentic music lovers who spend hours listening to music can be a little autonomous, but It has up to 5 more accumulated charges in its case, and the full charge is achieved in just 30 minutes. Some red LEDs will indicate that they are charging while when they are complete they will be green. The box has four white LEDs that indicate the level of charge remaining in it with the press of a button.

The range of the Vantablack is up to 10 meters, this in practice means that You will not have any connectivity problems when you carry your iPhone, even in crowded places With many interferences. Another very different thing is to move around your house with them leaving the iPhone in the living room. In my case, not even in an adjoining room did I get a 100% stable connection.

Although we will talk after its design and comfort, within the specifications we have to point out that they are water and sweat resistant with an IP55 certification, which makes them perfect for practicing sports, which helps their system of fixation in the ear that makes it practically impossible for you to fall even in sports of greater movement. We cannot forget that they have a microphone to make calls and a button on each handset to control them as we will tell you later.

Configuration and operation

The configuration process of the Vantablack headphones is not automatic, much less, and is perhaps one of its most important points to improve. It is not complicated, and with the instructions that come in the quick manual included in the box you will not have the slightest problem. But it is true that there are perhaps too many steps to link a Bluetooth headset to your iPhone. Luckily it's something you just have to do the first time you take them out of the box.

What you will have to do every time you turn them on is the link procedure: turn on the main Vantablack by pressing and holding the only button it has for two seconds, wait for it to be indicated that it is on and wait for it to be indicated that It is already connected to the iPhone. Now you can turn on the other headset and wait until you are told that it has been connected to the main one, and then you can start enjoying the music. All this with vocal indications in English. As we say it is a point to improve for future releases and that it is not a major inconvenience in the overall operation of the device.

Regarding the operation of the headphones is quite simple, since they only have one button on each headset. To start listening to music or pause it, you must press either of the two headphones once, no matter left or right. When we talk about phone calls we should always turn to the right handset: One press to accept it, another to hang up once finished. To silence it, press twice, and to divert it, press and hold for two seconds.

They miss some more control options, such as being able to pass a song, control the volume or invoke Siri. None of these options is possible with Vantablack. For those of us who have Apple Watch, it is no bigger problem, since I am used to controlling the playback from my watch, but for the rest they will have no choice but to take their iPhone out of their pocket if they want to do any of these things. Being able to use Siri for this task would have been an interesting option., as we can do with the AirPods, for example.

Vantablack VS Airpods

Sound quality and noise reduction

I always start this section by apologizing for not having polite ears that allow discriminating the different most hidden musical nuances, but I have tried many headphones and I like music, so I will speak from the knowledge of an average user that I think is also what that most are looking for. The tests I have done with Apple Music, as always, no music without compression or things so I leave for more advanced users. If you are looking for this type of information, neither this is your article nor these your headphones.

The Vantablack sound good, I would say acceptably good, but they are somewhat behind the AirPods, for example, but at the same level as many other mid-range wireless headphones. They have powerful bass, as is often the case, and a high volume, quite high. It is impossible for anyone to use them at maximum volume without being more than annoying, or of course no one should do it. With very high volumes they distort more than the AirPods, but with a medium volume there is no problem.

Where they have a great advantage is abroad, since thanks to being “in ear” headphones, they isolate very well from outside noise and allow you to enjoy your music quite well, better than AirPods that do not make that seal in the ear canal. The different pads included in the box make it possible to adjust them without problems whatever your ear. Phone calls are heard loud and clear, although in noisy outside the other party will have a problem hearing you clearly, something common to all headphones of this type with a microphone that is in your ear.

Comfortable and safe

The Vantablacks are not going to fall from your ear doing sports, I would risk saying that almost any type of sport. The fin that helps to fix on your ear and the pad that adapts to your ear canal make the headset perfectly fixed and that you don't have the feeling that they can fall at any time. They are also very comfortable even if you have been wearing them for a long time. I am not very in-ear headphones, but I have to say that these are not uncomfortable at all.

The Carrying case is also very convenient to carry in any pocket, even the jeans. Although it is somewhat more voluminous than that of the AirPods, it has a size that still allows it to be transported without problems anywhere without it becoming too bulky. Because it is recommended that you always take it with you, not only to save them and avoid losing a headset, but to recharge them when they run out of battery and thus be able to continue using them. It is made of plastic with the transparent lid, quite discreet, but it seems not to be very resistant. Even so I have taken it with me all these days without any incident, including some accidental fall.

Editor's Opinion

  • Editor rating
  • 4 star rating

€ 70

The Vantablack Dotts fulfill their mission with a good score, without stridency. Its audio quality is more than acceptable for most users, especially if we consider that they are designed to practice sports comfortably, and have water and sweat resistance. The battery box for recharging along with the comfort and noise cancellation offered by in-ear headphones complete good specifications for headphones that compete especially for their price, well below that of the competition: € 70 directly on the brand's website (link).


  • Good autonomy and fast charging
  • Transport box with rechargeable battery
  • Good noise isolation and comfortable in-ear with different pads
  • Ease of use and indicative LEDs
  • Sound quality more than decent and high volume


  • Repeated vocal instructions and in English
  • Lack of volume control
  • You can't drive with Siri
  • Bluetooth range limited

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