WhatsApp cease to be compatible with older versions of iOS

Owner of an old iOS device? Lover not updating for fear of losing performance on the device? Well, you're not in luck, the most popular instant messaging application on the planet announces that it will gradually destroy the versions of WhatsApp compatible with older versions of iOS. And it is that you already know that Apple is not very loving that the applications in the App Store are too compatible with old versions, since it compromises the security and performance of the new functions. This new decision of the instant messenger company will lift more than one blister.

And, the launch of the new functions begins to justify the disappearance with compatibility in old versions, especially because they save weight in the application code and make it more stable. But nevertheless, only 12 months ago they got rid of compatibility with the iPhone 3GS, and you know the stir that could be mounted, a discriminatory method with the sole intention of improving the performance and stability of the system, but that marginalizes users who are not willing to go through the box again.

And is that WhatsApp begins to abandon support for iOS 6So, it is time to take the minimum step to iOS 7 if you want to use the service, and being honest, they are too soft. The reality is that iOS 8 is quite interesting security improvements, the problem lies in devices such as the iPhone 4s and iPhone 5, which hardly move iOS 9.

In short, if you have devices with more than three years, ands time to question whether to buy a new device This Christmas, especially since Apple is also considering serious restrictions on applications that are not adapted to 64-bit processors.

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