WhatsApp Statuts has been a failure, why? These are the reasons

It arrived and we had to mention it. WhatsApp Status came to our iOS application without eating or drinking it, importing an Instagram feature that had managed to dazzle the youngest, and the not-so-young. However, despite the noise it could make, when you go to the WhatsApp States, you realize that It has been a real failure. What are the reasons for such a stumbling block? We will objectively analyze why no one wanted the arrival of WhatsApp Status, and yet, Facebook was determined to integrate it into the most popular instant messaging application on the planet.

In iPhone News, and more specifically the one who writes these lines, we have never cut ourselves to get the colors out of WhatsApp, when in iOS it was a very poor instant messaging application, with few features and that above all, lived on iOS users, who were the only ones who paid religiously for the service. However, when WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook, and contrary to what we could all imagine, it improved markedly in almost all sections, adding features that we could hardly imagine.

However, this excess of news has both its good part and its bad part. Facebook is the network of networks, and we do not know, nor will we ever know, the amount of unnecessary functionalities that the social network adds to its application. That was won in his day, that many users were reluctant to install Facebook on their mobile devices. MThey were later made with Instagram, the photographic social network has also taken an incredible turnaround, especially when they decided to copy the Snapchat format, and include instant videos in the application, making it the application and social network that has obtained more growth in the last two years.

But today we are going to talk about the third in discord and last to arrive, WhatApp.

Facebook was done with WhatsApp and everything changed

We feared the worst, Goodbye to the free service, advertising would arrive and our data would be trafficked. However, none of that has happened yet on WhatsApp (but it will happen). However, what has appeared has been an impeccable development: Video calls; More stability; Better graphic interface …

But not all the mountain is oregano. Facebook has done very well with its plagiarism to Snapchat, has catapulted Instagram at unthinkable levels. However, he wanted to launch the same formula almost simultaneously in two different places, Facebook and WhatsApp, in each one he has failed more resoundingly. In short, at César what is of César, the arrival of Facebook has only improved the application.

So why has Status been such a notable failure?

Because WhatsApp is not a social network. Contrary to what Mark Zuckerberg thinks, WhatsApp is the mechanism that users prefer to get in touch with their friends and family for obvious reasons. It is simple to use, has only one task, and fulfills it very well. Arriving, opening a conversation and writing a text is what every WhatsApp user wants. In fact, the image editor, and even the search engine for GIFs, are residual mechanisms, which few people use in their day-to-day life, you just have to stop to think about it a bit to quickly realize.

On the other hand, improvements at the level of understanding and pure chat, such as the possibility of citing users in a group, if they caused a significant increase in the quality of the conversations we had, placing WhatsApp again in the Olympus of messaging applications snapshot.

In WhatsApp we not only have our friends, we have our parents, in some cases our grandparents, and of course, we have "Pepe the plumber" and "my boss's bastard". And at a point totally opposite to the one we find with Instagram, that subtracts us almost total freedom. Because, who was going to climb a Stories of the fantastic night of drinks and shisha in the disco on duty? I already tell you, unless you have not thought about anything right, or give your future job as lost, nobody.

Insufficient privacy and availability settings

It's true that we have three privacy settings, we can choose that anyone see our Status, that nobody see our Status, or worse, determine one by one who cannot see our Status. The agenda of any person with a medium socio-work life, does not have 200 friends as on Facebook, has many contacts, of which, many are not even friends, in fact, with the majority it does not bind you more than a formal or courteous relationship.

We don't want these people to see our Status, in fact, in some cases we don't want them to see even our profile picture.

Battery and performance, the big victims

Does your iPhone battery last less than usual? If friends, WhatsApp Status is to blame, if you look, the three applications provided by Facebook have a consumption of mobile data and battery that touches the insulting, and it is inevitable, each function that is added, especially those that have video and photography, consume a number of resources in our mobiles that sometimes we are not really aware of.

Therefore, and although I know that my claim is going to fall in a broken jacket, I would like to beg the Facebook Fellows, who have the deference of allowing us to deactivate this undesirable function of all the company's applications Where it is present, call Facebook, call Instagram (where I love it), or call WhatsApp.

Meanwhile friends, we have only to resign, and remember from time to time, that in the lower left corner of WhatsApp, we have a blue icon telling us that the resistance remains alive, raising its WhatsApp Status to enjoy all the world. And the most important, I want you to tell me in the comment box what you think of WhatsApp Status, how much use you give it, and if it really bothers you as much as it seems, join us to remedy it, #OFFWhatsAppStatus.

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