Would you like an iPhone 8 with the transparent back? This is a transparent iPhone 8 concept [Vdeo]

This is not the first iPhone model we see by way of concept with a transparent housing on the back or directly a glass that shows the inside of the Apple device. In previous versions of the iPhone we have been able to see similar concepts with transparency on the back and this new iPhone model does not escape it.

Curved / labs shows a glass iPhone concept on the back that shows the internal components of the iPhone and the inner beauty of these devices. Actually there are many details inside the iPhone and having them in sight makes us realize the spectacular engineering work that the boys of Cupertino perform.

This is the CURVED / labs video in which you can see this concept of iPhone 8 totally transparent in its back, something that we really doubt will be seen officially from Apple factories but if we could get to see it thanks to third-party accessories with a change of back cover as we saw years ago with the iPhone 4:

So watching the iPhone with this presentation we can even think that it is a real device, but we must not fail to warn that this is simply a concept and we doubt that it will really be seen. Of course seeing the inside of the device may like a few users "more geeks" but it is really something that we have also seen in some consoles, monitors or similar and the truth is that nothing is wrong. In addition, the surprise we all take to see what seems to be the inductive charging pad that can be seen in this iPhone concept.

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