Xiaomi places its presentation of the Mi Mix 2 a day before the alleged Apple keynote

All companies are aware of what the rest does and more when talking about new product presentations. In this case what we have on the table is an official date and confirmed by the considered Chinese Apple, Xiaomi.

This is the date of presentation of the new giant screen model, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. Xiaomi has scheduled the presentation event for next September 11 at Beijing University of Technology at 2:00 p.m. local time, just one day before the date Apple is expected to launch its new iPhone model and other products.

The new Xiaomi model little or nothing would have to do with the iPhone that the Cupertino boys will present during this month of September, but its large screen and the reasonable similarities between some of the Xiaomi and Apple models make this presentation announced by own Xiaomi in your official Weibo account, take some more prominence this day. For its part Apple has not announced the day of the keynote and the possible date of 12 fades with the passing of the hours but we can not rule it out.

The Xiaomi Mi Max, is a really popular phone in China and what is intended with this anticipation in the presentation is nothing other than “removing customers from Apple” in a country where iPhone sales are going through a moment a so complicated In any case you have to know how to distinguish between this phablet and the iPhone since the new Apple model will not have the 6.4 inch screen of this new Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. Hopefully soon they will start sending invitations for Apple's keynote.

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