Yes, the iPhone has been the best selling technology product of 2017

We close year, a really important year for Apple. It is true that in recent days they are not the best for Apple considering everything that has been mounted in relation to the batteries of old iPhone devices, but the truth is that 2017 has been a really good year for Apple. The iPhone X, and an "accessible" iPhone 8, are to blame for Apple having a great year.

You just have to go outside to realize all the iPhone X that are already circulating. Analysts also say it: the iPhone has been the best selling technological product of the year 2017. After the jump we give you all the details of this technological analysis in which they show us that yes, the iPhone has been the best selling technological product of 2017.

The analysts of GHB Insights, the news has been published by USA Today, and what they say is that during 2017 they would have sold near 223 million iPhones (of any model of those on the market), compared to the 211 million that were sold in 2016. One year, 2016, which was not especially relevant in iPhone releases.

To iPhone Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8 devices follow, the Amazon Echo Dot, the Apple Watch, and the Nintendo Switch. Yes, it must be said that sales have not reached the data of 2015, when Apple managed to sell about 230 million units (it was the year of the redesign of the iPhone with the launch of the iPhone 6). And now we only have to wait until next year 2018, there are many rumors that Apple will launch the renewal of the iPhone SE and this can become a bestseller depending on the price with which it is released. And you, have you done with an iPhone during this year?

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