Yes, your iPhone can receive FM radio

Well, yes, you are reading well, and that is that something that many people miss is the radio on mobile devices. Yes, we can always listen to radio via the internet but that radiophonic essence that transistors brought us is lost (and someone who has worked and made radio) says so. A traditional radio that resists death will not die, it will continue to adapt.

And what do you say if I tell you, radio lovers, that iPhone’s have a chip capable of receiving FM radio signal. Well, you have read it well, and all this is being known thanks to a requirement from the governments of Canada and the United States. The idea is to use these chips to be able to use the frequency modulated signal network (FM) as means of information in emergency situations …

A FM receiver that could be activated with a simple software update, obviously we would need an antenna but the headphones could do this function, as so many other times has happened in old mobile phones. So the idea is power transmit information through the FM radio in emergency situations where mobile networks are saturated. Obviously if the telephone network is saturated goodbye to the radio via the Internet, so it is more than interesting that FM radio signal could be received without the need for internet.

For now, always we will be “enjoying” Beats 1, the digital and worldwide streaming radio of the Apple guys, you know, this radio that we have been told so little about … In addition, we have to take into account that Apple is expected to soon launch more channels of this Beats radio, so that you forget to be able to use the FM radio chip of your mobile devices.

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