Your AirPods do not exceed 99% charge? How to solve it

The AirPods, that product so acclaimed by Apple users, is that these small and very comfortable headphones have become one of the products that generate more expectation even over time. Y This is how the history of these headphones is forged that more than a year later they have not suffered more tweaks than the addition of a wireless charging system, something that Apple has wanted to embed now in almost all its devices, all or nothing.

However, during the use of the AirPods we can have many doubts, and it is a product as acclaimed as unknown. Some users have reported that the battery in the box of the AirPods does not exceed 99%, today we will show you how to solve this small problem.

It is not the first detail about the AirPods battery since its launch, some units last year presented a battery drain problem that made no sense and that in most cases ended up being solved by replacing the product. However, the problem we are talking about is much more common, in fact it has been found in other devices since It is due to a simple deconfiguration of the autonomy meter.

To have 100% our AirPods box simply We must make sure you drain your battery completely. This complete charge cycle will recalibrate the system. It is not necessary that we also drain the AirPods battery unless in some of them we also encounter the aforementioned problem. Once the battery in the box is completely depleted we will make a full charge, recommended with the AirPods inserted inside the box, so we complete a cycle in both devices. When you reach 100% of your cargo, there will simply be recalibrated the system. It is that easy to solve this problem, which could persist if we do not completely drain the battery.

However, draining the battery completely is not recommended, so we will not take it as usual, but only in this case to recalibrate them.

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