YouTube for iOS already offers HDR for iPhone XS

The list of devices compatible with HDR in the different multimedia content applications that offer it is increasingly wide thanks to the novelties and especially to the improvements that will be happening in the panels. It could not be otherwise in the latest version of the iPhone, and that is now YouTube already offers iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max users the possibility to enjoy HDR content, without thier, still offers no resolutions higher than Full HD. This is how YouTube has decided and taking into account the little standardized resolutions offered by the iPhone X, this will continue to be.

The maximum options that YouTube allows for now on the iPhone XS Max are exactly the same as in its little brothers, that is, from 720p to 60FPS with HDR, to 1080p to 60FPS in HDR. This has come hand in hand with the update to version 13.37 of the official YouTube app for iOS, but we will not be able to ask for more. Another detail is that now the HDR will be automatic when the connection allows it, that is, we are not going to have to manually select the HDR as it was until now, something like that is exactly what the Netflix application does.

As you know, the iPhone XS OLED screens have been crowned as the best in the world according to DisplayMate, offering spectacular levels of contrast. However, the resolution is halfway between 4K and FullHD, which makes developers like Google show little interest in making the application compatible with higher resolutions. But nevertheless, Do we really need it on YouTube? I sincerely believe that not in attention to the small amount of content with these powerful features.

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