ZENS presents its new external batteries with wireless charging

ZENS continues to show us its new products for the new devices of this year, and to the charging bases that we already mentioned a few days ago now add some external batteries with wireless charging that will allow your iPhone to always have the battery you need so that it does not leave you lying.

With two different models for different needs, ZENS is committed to wireless charging not only for our smartphones but also for the external batteries themselves, which can be recharged using this same technology. A battery that sticks to our iPhone and another that allows the wireless recharge of two smartphones at the same time is the bet of ZENS, and we show them below.

ZENS Wireless has a capacity of 4,500mAh, enough to recharge your smartphone a couple of times (depending on the size of its battery) and also has an adherent surface that makes your iPhone “stuck” to the external battery so that it does not move and you can recharge it while you carry it in the backpack or pocket. It also has a USB-A so you can recharge another device using the cable. The external battery is recharged wirelessly or you can use a USB-C (induced) cable for it. Its price is € 59.99 on the ZENS website and it will soon be available for purchase.

The next external battery model presented is the ZENS Dual Wireless, which has the possibility to recharge up to two devices simultaneously using Qi wireless technology. Its capacity of 9,000 mAh allows you to recharge a couple of times each of the two devices, and if you need any USB for another device, it has two USB-A connections. Like the other model, it has wireless charging for the battery itself or through the included USB-C cable. Its price is that € 79.99 on the ZENS website and will be available shortly.

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