ZIPP Mini Copenhagen speaker analysis

For the past few days we have been testing some speakers that have left us a great taste, both for the quality of the sound they transmit and for their care and elegant design. His name is ZIPP Mini Copenhagen and have been manufactured by the Libratone brand.

This Scandinavian brand has always surprised us by the quality of your devices. Now with the ZIPP Mini Copenhagen we have all the power of your previous ZIPP Copenhagen model but in a tighter size to be able to move it around the house comfortably. Let's see everything this speaker has to offer.

And to finish the analysis we have a surprise, since let's go around a unit Among all the readers. Do you dare to win?

Great design

The first thing that catches the attention of this speaker is its nice and careful design. All materials are of high quality; the base and the body are made of aluminum, the interchangeable cover and available in several colors It is made of Italian wool and the upper handle is made of leather. The whole set is very well integrated and is very robust and compact.

The big differences between the normal ZIPP Mini model (€ 199) and the ZIPP Mini Copenhagen (€ 349) are visual, since the normal ZIPP Mini has a more basic case, the finish is white satin instead of aluminum and The handle is not leather.

The Top controls are tactile and with a very striking and elegant finish. The logo of the brand looks very well integrated in the design and the touch when it comes to raising and lowering the volume is a delight.

Technical characteristics of the ZIPP Mini Copenhagen

The speaker is equipped with Acoustic FullRoom technology that allows fill completely Your home with its sound. The total power offered is 60 watts on 2 enhanced DSP amplifier channels. The audio is 96 kHz / 24 bit high resolution and with a frequency range of 50 Hz – 20 kHz.

The internal battery has a range of 10 hours of continuous playback without charging. Once the battery has run out in about 60 minutes, it is fully charged.

At the level of connectivity we can connect the device with your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 and a manufacturer specific app. Once connected to the smartphone we can use this app to configure the Wi-Fi connection of the speaker to directly access the Internet and use it without using the mobile. Once you have the Internet, the ZIPP Mini Copenhagen can play music through Spotify Premium or with 5 online radios that you can program to your liking and very simply with the app. If you do not have Spotify Premium you can also use the free version but that is only possible by running Spotify on your smartphone and sending the music to the speaker via Bluetooth.

In addition it also offers the traditional 3.5mm Mini-jack input, USB to connect a memory with music, Airplay and DLNA.

Work with multiple speakers in a team

Thanks to SoundSpace Link technology, Libratone speakers can be joined into groups so you can have up to a maximum of 16 speakers configured in the same wireless network.

Editor's Opinion

  • Editor rating
  • 4.5 star rating

to € 349

Pros and cons


  • Sound quality
  • Quality design, touch buttons
  • Bluetooth connectivity, Wifi, Airplay, etc.


  • If you are a Spotify user and want to use it via Wifi you will need to have Spotify Premium
  • The price is somewhat high

We raffle a unit

As we indicated at the beginning of the review, we are going to circumvent a unit of the ZIPP Mini model among all readers. To participate you just have to visit our Facebook page and make a tweet. Each of the actions will give you a point for the raffle … so if you do both you will have twice as many options! ZIPP Mini Speaker Raffle

Conclusion about the speaker

The ZIPP Mini is a Highly recommended device for those who like to hear quality sound in your home or office. Its size and weight content allows you to move it comfortably from one room to another. The price is somewhat high but if you are looking for quality then you have to pay it.

Photo gallery

In the next photo gallery you can see all details of the ZIPP Mini Copenhagen speaker.

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