2 out of 10 is the score that iFixit gives to the iPad 2018

Every time a new smartphone, tablet, camera, video camera or any other electronic product arrives on the market, the iFixit guys take over a unit and disassemble it completely to rate the level of reparability The device has. As expected, the iPad 2018, offers us a design almost identical to the one we can find in its predecessor, the iPad 2017.

iFixit states that changing the LCD screen is much cheaper than Pro models, because the screen is not laminated, but the process is still very complicated due to the large amount of glue that Apple has once again used to fix all the parts to the chassis.

The LCD screen is not attached to the glass that protects it, so if we suffer an accident with the screen of the iPad 2018, we will not be forced to change the entire screen, as with the iPad Air 2, but we are only going to have to replace the glass that covers it and the digitizer, that if, due to the glue, the process is quite tedious.

As we can see on the Apple website, inside the iPad 2018, we find the same processor currently found in the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, in addition to having the same RAM as the iPhone 7, since the model Plus has a 1 GB more RAM, 3 GB to be specific. Support for the Apple Pencil screen, is obtained thanks to the screen controls of Broadcom, something we had already seen in the Pro models that Apple has launched in recent years.

This new iPad 2018 does not show us any important news regarding its predecessor, in terms of the components, distribution and the method used by Apple to fix the elements: glue to carrycot, hence The score you get remains the same pitch: a 2 out of 10.

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