2017 iPhone will have AMOLED display and glass exterior

All the rumors about the iPhone this year ensure that what will be presented in September will be an iPhone 7 with a design very similar to the iPhone 6 / 6s, absence of 3.5mm post for headphones and a possible dual camera. But this year is nothing special in the Apple world. About what may come next year it is speculated that the iPhone 2017 will have AMOLED screen, something that would not surprise in a second-year model, since it would be one of the points that they would promote in their presentation, and of a new design, something that would break with the two-year cycle of iPhone designs.

As you all know, next year is 2017 and that will be an important year: the tenth anniversary of the iPhone. That is the main reason why so many rumors circulate that ensure that it will arrive with a design different from that of the iPhone 7. In addition, that the iPhone 7 will arrive with minor changes in the design makes us think that Apple has not wanted to focus its efforts in a design that would only last one year in the market, so we could say that they will extend the 2014 design one more year.

Next year's iPhone will be the first with AMOLED screen

The latest rumor comes from someone who sure sounds like you if you read news about Apple: KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. The analyst has delivered a report for his investors in which he assures that the 2017 iPhone will arrive with important changes in the design. Tim Cook and company, all according to Kuo, would put aside aluminum and make an iPhone with crystal body

On the other hand, the iPhone described by the KGI analyst would arrive with the long-awaited by some AMOLED screen users, whose best known properties are that consume less energy When black backgrounds are used, it offers more vivid colors and is flexible. The last of the mentioned properties and Kuo's statement that the device will be covered in glass allows us to give free rein to our imagination, and more when we have seen Apple patents like the one in the previous image.

In any case, we will still have to wait about 17 months to know if Kuo is right this time or not. I would like it to be right and to make an all glass breaker device, as long as it was made of a resistant material or was going to be groundbreaking but in another way. What do you think?

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