6.1-inch iPhone LCD may shorten the first few days

It seems that the cheapest model of those expected to present in just two days at the Steve Jobs Theater of Apple Park, could be scarce at the time of the official launch. A new rumor about this model appears to make us touch our feet on the ground with the available stock, The 6.1-inch LCD screen model will have a more limited stock during the first weeks.

This is not new in the equipment presented by Apple and we are all clear that the units they will put on sale will arrive vaguely in the face of strong demand, but in this case it seems that it could be more marked on the LCD screen model than in the OLED screens of the other models.

Light leaks and problems with the backlight of the screen, would be the main cause

According to the latest reports on the possible reason for the lack of stock during the first weeks after the presentation, it focuses on previously mentioned problems such as light leaks on the screen and a problem with the lighting of the screen itself. With all this on the table we also have the report of Rod Hall, of Goldman Sachs, in which he indicated that Apple is more interested in selling OLED display models, something that is normal considering that they will be the most expensive models.

In short, all this is rumor and speculation that Apple will soon be responsible for denying or confirming, since the keynote is now very close. Surely all the iPhone models we see in the keynote will suffer marketing delays, but if there is one of them that is “more sweet tooth” for the public, this lack of stock may be noticed a little more.

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