A German hacker discovers how to spy calls from the iPhone

Apple always has a very high head in terms of computer security with iOS, its tremendous fight against the FBI and the government media of North America that intended to include spying halls on all devices in the block, have given good faith that Apple is taking user privacy very seriously. But the more peace of mind you want to appear, the more "hackers" want to show you how wrong you are. So that, a German hacker has made public the possibility of spying calls and SMS received to an iPhone, including one he made with the President of the United States of America himself.

This vulnerability is based on the mobile network and you just need to know your phone number to exploit it. The popular program 60 minutes He invited hackers to demonstrate their abilities and bring truth to their words, and they of course accepted. The hackers played the calls they had recorded or intercepted through the iPhone proving that they were absolutely right.

For it exploited a vulnerability in SS7For those who do not know it, it is the basis of the mobile phone system worldwide. Telephone companies use the SS7 system to exchange billing information for mobile lines, so billions of calls and text messages travel daily through their arteries.

Karsten Kohl is the daring German hacker, has a PhD in computer engineering from the University of Virginia. Has carried out a demonstration at a conference in the German capital of Berlin, managing to record calls from the iPhone and even locate it despite having GPS disabled. He has announced that the President of the United States of America called him on his phone last year and was able to intercept the call, really worrying.

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