A German medium publishes the official prices in euros of the new iPhone Xs

And it seems that there are no secrets for the new iPhone models that Apple has to present next Wednesday, September 12. The Cupertino company let out a real image of the new iPhone Xs within a few hours of launching the invitations to the media, then the image of the Apple Watch Series 4 was leaked and now a German media would confirm the official prices in euros of the iPhone Xs, Xs Max and iPhone 9.

Yes, it seems that the three models would see the light next week and within these three models the most economical would be the assumption iPhone 9, then the iPhone Xs would come and finally the so-called iPhone Xs Max, a name that does not just convince Apple fans but that the media are using to define the largest screen model.

799, 909 and 1,149 euros, so the prices would remain in Germany

At the outset we will say that they are prices that we like and that we would like Apple to implement in our country. The main reason is because it they would be the same or even better than the prices we currently have here: 809 for the iPhone 8, 919 euros that would be the equivalent of the iPhone X in terms of screen but with a lower price than the current iPhone X, and approximately 1,159 euros for the iPhone Xs Max with 6.5-inch screen that It would be the same price as the current iPhone X input.

All this always talking about input models and therefore with a capacity of 64GB of internal storage. Apple could give the bell if they really end up being the prices of the iPhone Xs and the iPhone 9, since it would not only support the PVP of all its iPhone but also lower the price of the 5.8-inch model. That is why we say that we would love that the price filtration in euros that came from the Macerkopf medium is real.

Do you see these prices feasible?

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