According to Kuo, the three iPhones of 2020 will be compatible with 5G

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo just confirmed according to MacRumors what we anticipated this morning: The three iPhones that will go on sale in 2020 will be compatible with the 5G band.

A few days ago, Kuo predicted that two of the three iPhones planned for 2020 would be compatible with 5G, thanks to the agreement signed with Qualcomm, but now he thinks that they will be the three compatible models, to be able to compete with Android 5G phones they already begin to appear timidly in the world market.

Kuo bases this statement on three compelling reasons:

  1. With the purchase of the 5G chip area intel, Apple now has it much easier to develop its high-speed modems.
  2. The prices of Android 5G smartphones are expected to decrease by $ 250-350. He believes that these cheap 5G mobiles will only be compatible with the band Sub-6Ghz. This can confuse the consumer, since in the United States 5G will work in band mmWave. Later we will explain the difference between these two bands.
  3. Boosting the developments of 5G technology could benefit Apple's augmented reality ecosystem.

The famous Chinese analyst says that the three new iPhone planned for 2020 will be compatible with the two 5G band spectra, both mmWave and the sub-6Ghz to reach the US market, but it is not so clear that they manufacture a cheaper model only with the sub-6Ghz band for the Chinese market. Doubt that even with the purchase of Intel technology, Cupertino can develop two different chips.

Scheme of the two wave spectra used in the 5G band

Two types of 5G networks

We will explain a little the two types of networks that have been implemented worldwide, to avoid some scares, such as when the first 4G phones emerged. More than one wasp bought his first 4G terminal directly from China, at a very economical price, and then came up with the surprise that this device was not compatible with the Spanish 4G. There are two different networks that work with the same 5G band:

  1. MmWave is 5G super fast technology that everyone talks about. It uses a very high band, and is best suited for denser urban areas. It can cover many devices at high speed, but with a short range.
  2. The Sub-6Ghz call. It will be 5G in rural and suburban areas. Use medium and low bands, with a much lower speed, but with a much wider range of action. It is still faster than the 4G network, but much slower than the 5G mmWave.

Apple has signed a contract with Qualcomm to supply its 5G chips for another six years. This year's iPhone XI will remain 4G with an Intel modem. The new terminals of 2020 will already be 5G, most likely covering the two spectra explained above, since they will be Qualcomm chips. Apple's will is to be able to introduce its own 5G chips into 2021 devices. Will they succeed?

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