Add to the mystical inscription that we can read on the back of the iPhone?

Apple will begin manufacturing its iPhone in Bangalore, India, in the coming months, a movement that will not only allow them decentralize part of their production, carried out in Asia, but also expand into a complicated market. This production is expected to start around April, and what is still unclear – at least not one hundred percent – is if part of the devices manufactured there will be sold outside the country.

In any case, this scenario could lead to a curious situation for the best-selling terminal of the apple company. For the first time, the iPhone they could change the significant inscription that we can read on the back thereof. Thus, the mythical ‘Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China ’could mutate to become‘ Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in India ’.

This will be a fact that will matter little to the vast majority of users of the devices, but that could lead to new comparisons between those manufactured in China and those of Indian origin. If it already occurs when any of the internal components is manufactured by different companies, a change of country could cause an even greater impact. In addition, it would also be a new challenge for the brand's strong collectors, especially if it turns out to be true that the units manufactured there can only be found in the local market.

The latter is the most likely option, so maybe we will never have an iPhone made in India in our hands 2017 could therefore be the year in which Apple changes one of the most characteristic signs that we have seen during all these years in the different models of its smartphones. Throughout it, as the first units of the devices manufactured there begin to be seen, we can dispel all our doubts.

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