AirPods will be launched before the end of the year

Despite the information published throughout the day about the delay in the launch of the AirPods until the beginning of next year, information on sources close to Apple ensure that there are no instructions that indicate that the launch of Apple Bluetooth headphones will be delayed until January next year. In fact it seems quite the opposite according to information from within some Apple Store that suggest that the launch can occur at any time.

The alleged delay of the AirPods appeared early Tuesday, and although the news was based on mere speculation it ran like wildfire on the net. In order to assess the absurdity of the news, we must explain the reason for it. Inventec is one of the AirPods suppliers, and information echoed by DigiTimes assured that this company expected great profits from January, not before. It follows that the AirPods would not be launched until next year, because they would be the generators of those benefits.

Although Apple never speaks out about such rumors, AppleInsider has managed to get some sources from within the company, without revealing its identity, to confirm that there is no plan to delay the launch until so late. It's more, employees of some Apple Store have confirmed that they already have test units for customers, that they are even already trained in the handling of AirPods, and that they are only waiting for Apple's order to start showing customers how their new wireless headphones work. So it seems that those of us who have planned to acquire the AirPods for this Christmas will not have to settle for a “voucher for some AirPods” under our Christmas tree.

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