All about the new iOS 11 Control Center

iOS 11 includes a good handful of news for both iPhone and iPad, and although some of the most important functions are exclusively for the Apple tablet, the iPhone version also It changes considerably in such critical functions as the Control Center, that screen of shortcuts that for so many years was the star of Jailbreak and Cydia.

The shortcuts screen to functions such as WiFi, Bluetooth, music player, brightness, volume, etc. It changes radically with respect to iOS 10, and not only in aesthetics. New shortcuts and even the ability to customize some of the buttons placing the ones we consider most important. We show you in great detail how it is and how the new iOS 11 Control Center works, including an explanatory video.

More options and full screen

The new Control Center continues to appear in the same way as in iOS 10, skimming from the bottom of the screen. You can display it from the lock screen, from the applications and from the main screen of your iPhone or iPad, but Unlike what happened with iOS 10, in iOS 11 it will occupy the entire screen of your device. In addition there are no pages, now all the controls are on the same page, you will not have to swipe to see the playback controls or to access the HomeKit compatible devices.

At a glance you can access all the shortcuts, which is much more comfortable than having different pages, as with iOS 10. For example, I never used HomeKit access from the control center, basically because I never remembered that I was there, sliding to the right. I prefer to have all the options visible to know what I can and cannot do.

3D Touch continues to expand functions

Gradually Apple is increasing the possibilities of 3D Touch, logical because there are more and more devices that include that function that debuted almost two years ago with the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. The information offered by the control center is much on its main screen, but if we do 3D Touch (press harder) on some elements the functions increase, either allowing finer controls or offering us more information. This is the case with the WiFi, Bluetooth controls… etc. If we press hard on that section we can see the network to which we are connected and other buttons such as AirDrop or Internet Sharing, which do not appear on the initial screen.

This is exactly where it is missing that Apple has gone a little further and allowed us to reorder the buttons. To me the button to activate or deactivate the data does not help me at all, because I never deactivate them (I know that many of you have seen the open sky with this new button), and I would have liked to be able to change that shortcut for the one of Share Internet or even AirDrop.

Adjusting the brightness and volume more finely than with the control of the main screen, or accessing the expanded controls of the music player are other options that 3D Touch allows, but there are buttons such as Do Not Disturb or that of the rotation lock they do nothing by pressing them harder. In the video you can see all the possible functions. And to those who do not have 3D Touch on your device, the same is achieved by holding down About the area you want to expand.

Customization options

It is something we had been asking for a long time, and it has finally arrived, although only in part. The Control Center has two distinct parts, a main one that occupies the upper 2/3, and another with 8 shortcuts that occupies the lower 1/3. The latter is precisely the part that Apple allows you to customize by adding those accesses you want, and removing those that do not interest you. From the System Settings, within the Control Center you can customize the controls, very easily. Delete, add and reorder are the possibilities that are offered to us, which is not little.

You cannot add shortcuts that do not appear in that list, and of course you cannot add third-party application accesses, because Apple only includes its own. Nor can you customize anything that occupies the upper 2/3 of the Control CenterThat is why I said before that Apple could have gone a little further, but we already know that it is not a company very prone to radical changes or to give the user much control.

Special mention deserve some of the new buttons that we can place in the Control Center, such as Screen recording, which finally allows you to create a video and share it even with your voice, the battery-saving button that will help you get extra time out of your battery, or the new non-start mode while driving, which can save you more of a scare by not distracting yourself from the really important thing, the road.

On the iPad, combined with multitasking

Apple has also wanted to give its special touch to the version for the iPad, and as it would have been somewhat strange a full screen with shortcut buttons on a screen of more than 9 inches, has decided to combine the Control Center with Multitasking. So when you deploy the Control Center you will also see which applications are in the background.

You will have to perform the same gesture to activate the WiFi to completely close an application that has remained in the background. By the way, the AirDrop button appears in the screenshot of the iPad instead of the data activation because it is an iPad only WiFi. Since the iPad does not have 3D Touch, as we said before to expand the functions of some buttons you have to press and hold on them. The customization options that Apple offers in the iPad and iPhone Control Center are exactly the same.

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