all phones that are for sale and offer the cleanest Google experience

Every Android mobile has its personalization layer. However, Google has its own style. With its best known applications and without great aesthetic additions. It is what is known as "pure Android" and throughout these years it has become popular thanks to the great performance offered.

Normally the easiest way to have this version on the mobile is with the Pixels, but there are also a whole series of manufacturers that incorporate it into their devices. It is what is known as the Android One project, a Google initiative for the rest of brands to offer the same style and system as them They have in their phones.

Companies like Motorola, Nokia or Xiaomi are part of Android One with different phones. These are all latest mobile with Android One that can be purchased. A list of highly recommended devices for those looking for the cleanest Google experience.

Xiaomi Mi A2

The Xiaomi Mi A2 is one of the most sold Android mobile phones. You should soon receive an update but it is still today a highly recommended option thanks to its good performance, with the processor Snapdragon 660 and 4GB of RAM. In this sense, it is a great exponent of what Android One offers as it is updated and works very smoothly.

In addition, the Mi A2 stands out in a very important section such as the photographic. With his 12 and 20 megapixel dual camera, the Mi A2 achieves excellent detail and contrast results.

Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite

The Mi A2 Lite is a bargain for its reduced price. He does not have the performance or the camera of his older brother, but in return he has a lower price and especially a generous 4,000 mAh battery which helps us to use it for more hours.

If you are looking for an Android One with a good battery, this Mi A2 Lite can be found for less than 150 euros and is undoubtedly a very competitive terminal.

Nokia 9 Pureview

Nokia is definitely the manufacturer that is betting on Android One. Such is the case, that all of its device catalog is part of the project. This is, from its entry range to its flagship, the amazing Nokia 9 Pureview. We have a high-end mobile with Snapdragon 845, a glass body and a striking fivefold camera It offers impressive detail.

A different flagship and the only high-end mobile of 2019, along with the Pixels, to offer Android One. Nokia may have opted for its own customization layer, but instead has decided to leave the software in the hands of Google.

Nokia 8.1

The Nokia 8.1 arrives to inherit the position of the Nokia 8. The Finnish brand, in the hands of HMD Global, renews its devices from time to time and does so with a very direct nomenclature. In the case of Nokia 8.1 we have a mobile with a screen with 'notch', processor Snapdragon 710 and a double rear camera with Zeiss Optics lenses.

Nokia 5.1 / 7.1

In the mid-range of Nokia we find the Nokia 5.1 and Nokia 7.1, two terminals with 'notch', updated to Android 9 Pie and again with Zeiss optics. In the upper model we find a glass body, Snapdragon 636 and a 3,060mAh battery plus fast charge.

For Nokia 5.1, presented at the end of last year and that is already in need of a renovation, we have a MediaTek Helio P18 processor. A cell phone with lower technical characteristics than that, you can find at a fairly discounted price.

Nokia 3.2 / 4.2

More recent and therefore more competitive are the Nokia 4.2 and Nokia 3.2, two input range models with Snapdragon 429 processor, generous 4,000 mAh battery, Physical button dedicated to Google Assistant and in the top model we also have NFC. An addition that other brands do not incorporate in their cheaper models and place the Nokia 4.2 in an option to consider for about 179 euros.

Nokia 2.2

The last Nokia mobile to arrive is also the cheapest, with a price of 99 euros. We have direct access to Google Assistant, 3,000 mAh battery, single rear camera and interchangeable covers. A device to become the gateway to the Google ecosystem.

BQ Aquaris X2 Pro

The already missing BQ, had in the Aquaris X2 Pro its maximum exponent. And, unlike with the Vsmart Active 1+, we had a well-refined software and with the guarantee of Google. A mobile with a good design, a double solvent chamber and a powerful Snapdragon 660 processor capable, even now, of managing all kinds of tasks with ease.

LG G7 One

Presented in autumn last year, the LG G7 One is the LG's first mobile under the Android One project. However it is a decaffeinated bet since we have a reduced version of the LG G7. The LG G7 One comes with the Snapdragon 835, a unique 16 megapixel rear camera and IP68 water resistance.

It is a terminal that is not sold in Spain and we don't know if it will continue. Because in the end not all Android One have to be recognized best sellers and this LG G7 One is a clear example. More taking into account that the brand has much more interesting phones like the LG Q60 that come to occupy a similar space.

HTC U11 Life

HTC is a manufacturer with a customization layer, Sense, very well optimized. But it also has a mobile with Android One such as the U11 Life. The brand does not live its best moments but still has the mobile for sale. A terminal with Snapdragon 630, dual camera Ultrapixel and squeeze edges.

A comfortable mobile, very light and thanks to Android One offers a good experience. The pity of an autonomous too short and a sound that, unlike other models of the brand, does not stand out especially.

Motorola One

Motorola opted for pure Android in its mythical Moto G range but was not part of the Android One project. This has changed in their latest mobile. The Motorola One is one of them, a mid-range of those before with NFC, Snapdragon 625 and glass body. A device whose Turbo Power charge surprised us from day one. Too bad that commitment to a somewhat backward processor that has penalized performance despite the incorporation of software as clean as Google.

Motorola One Vision

With quite more personality Motorola One Vision arrives, the new mid-range that uses an Exynos 9609 processor, 4GB of RAM, 3,500 mAh battery with fast charge and a dual rear camera of up to 48 megapixels and optical image stabilization.

A terminal with good construction, 128GB of base memory and Android One, which as we could conclude in the analysis is always a commitment to the winning horse.