Amazon is working on a new Echo to compete with the HomePod

Currently the Amazon boys, offer in the markets where it is available, a wide variety of Amazon Echo models, a device managed by Alexa, with which we can interact with voice commands, to check the traffic status, appointments of our calendar, weather forecast … but also thanks to the latest model presented a few weeks ago, we can make video calls with other devices of the same model.

But it seems that the Amazon Echo range will expand shortly, since according to the Engadget publication, the boys of Jeff Bezos they are working on a new, more complete model with which to stand up to HomePod, a device that will hit the market in December, initially, only in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia.

You have to keep in mind that Amazon just has to work on a design and provide it with speakers and a quality sound system, since the rest of the work has already been done since 2014, the year in which it launched the first Echo model to the market. The new model could be smaller and thinner. This device, according to Engadget, would consist of several tweeters instead of just one, like most Echo devices on the market.

Keep in mind that the HomePod, as we could see in the presentation of last June 5, It is composed of up to seven tweeters. In addition, Amazon also wants to improve the technology used in the microphone, although current models work perfectly from a good distance. The HomePod in this regard, is composed of 6 microphones.

The design of the Amazon alternative to HomePod, It could be round, without sharp edges, offering a very similar appearance to the Apple device. Nothing is known at the moment, but if it is capable of launching it for less than $ 200, it will be very difficult for Apple in this regard, since the HomePod exit price without taxes starts at $ 349 .

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