Apple also does not trust Samsung to manufacture the A11 processor

So far, on many of the occasions we have talked about Samsung, we have labeled the Korean giant as Apple's "intimate enemy." Although I am more inclined to think that much of the information we read about Apple-Samsung disputes They are part of a marketing strategy, the truth is that both companies are rivals and it is dangerous for their own aspirations to "feed" the enemy. This is something they know in Cupertino, which is why Apple wants to lose dependence on Koreans.

If the rumors are fulfilled, and nothing makes us think that it will not be so, all the A10 processors that will include the iPhone 7 will be manufactured by TSMC. At first we might think that this would be the case only in 2016 but, according to the Chinese Economic Daily News, Apple will continue to rely on Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company in 2017, that is, the “iPhone 8”, “Tenth Anniversary” or whatever they decide to call next year's iPhone will also include a A11 processor created entirely by TSMC.

The A10 will not, but the A11 will be manufactured in a 10nm FinFET process

TSMC co-CEO Mark Liu has already announced that his first product manufactured in a 10nm FinFET process has already been manufactured with “Satisfactory Performance” and that three products have already been prepared for his clients, that is, he has already has completed the initial design to create masks that will be used to print chips to three customers. The design could still undergo changes, but it is commented that the first steps in the manufacture of the A11 will be taken in May 2017. The other two companies that will use the TSMC 10nm process are MediaTek and HiSilicon.

Although it seems clear that Apple is still working to lose dependence on Samsung, it also seems that it will never be able to stop 100% trusting in Koreans. The future of iOS device screens goes through the OLED screens And, although there are other companies willing to create these screens, Samsung is the company that can offer the highest quality. In any case, they should not fall asleep on the laurels or the competition could end up with all orders.

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