Apple and TSMC hand in hand in the manufacture of MicroLED displays

After many rumors and much talk about the manufacture and development of Apple's MicroLED displays for their devices, it seems that TSMC will be in charge of helping the Cupertino boys in manufacturing and development of this type of screens.

Many were the rumors that we were seeing these days and it seems that the closest suppliers to Apple could have the key to the production of these panels. It is not something strange to think that TSMC can be joined by other suppliers that are already working with the firm today, but so far the first to produce these screens seems to be already chosen according to the first leaks.

All this comes from the hand of DigiTimes, so I repeat that the Cupertino company may have several options in sight and the first to appear is TSMC and is the one that has been filtered. We cannot rule out that the production and development of this type of screens goes through more companies, but right now the first MicroLED would be for TSMC according to this report.

The benefits of MicroLED

In principle, these types of panels have a significant drawback and this is related to the manufacturing and development price, which is close to 500% more expensive than current OLED displays, between 400 and 600 percent, specifically. This is the work they have to do in TSMC with Apple, stabilize the price to the maximum and get all the possible performance from the screens.

On the benefits of this type of MicroLED panels, we can highlight three very important ones about the current OLED panels: less power consumption, a lower thickness and a higher brightness. With this we can say that the next Apple Watch model will add a better secure screen, but we do not know for sure if it will arrive in time for the Apple Watch Series 4 that is said to be presented later this year or will have to wait until next year to see it on Apple smart watches. At the moment what seems clear is that TSMC will be an important part in the development of these screens and will work side by side with Apple.

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