Apple announces that the new BeatsX will be launched on February 10

The AirPods are the device of the moment, some new headphones of the Cupertino boys that have generated a multitude of opinions, there are people who love them and people who hate them, although it is true that the latter have probably not bought them …

But not everything is going to be AirPods, there are also many other headphones, and many others under the Apple umbrella. Finally it is confirmed, this time it has been Beats By Dre's own boys, that the new BeatsX, the latest Beats with Apple W1 chip technology, will be available in the Apple Store from next February 10. After the jump we tell you all the details …

The tweet you just saw have published in the official Beats By Dre account, now Apple brand, so BeatsX launch confirmed, yes, as they say they will arrive at the Apple Store in the United States although it is worth noting that if you plan to buy one of these new BeatsX, you can go to the nearest Apple Store to see if they are available. And so that you do not think that the launch in the United States, which we already tell you is probably worldwide, we will tell you that also they will be launched in gray and blue colors, new colors that add to the black and white colors with those who showed up at first.

Some BeatsX that you can get for € 149 and that they carry the Apple W1 chip, the same as the AirPods, something that will allow the BeatsX to connect without problems, and quite quickly, with your devices. They have one autonomy of 8 hours and if you run out of battery you can charge them in just 5 minutes with an autonomy of up to 2 hours. So you know, do not think much and run to your nearest Apple Store on February 10.

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