Apple Campus 2 is almost finished

The latest videos of Apple Campus 2 Drone view engravings show that great progress has been made since the last time, which is especially noticeable in everything that has been added in the field, such as plants and trees. Tim Cook and company have been working on the construction of this new headquarters for more than two years and the parking area is already being completed and making great progress in the main building.

Since last October 31 already You can see practically how the building and its surroundings will look, as important structural parts of the construction already finished, and more bulbs have been added in other elements, which includes solar panels. In the video of Matthew Roberts you can see that these solar panels are mounted on about 50% and many trees and plants of which we have mentioned above.

The Apple Campus 2 will be completed by the end of 2016

In the second video, by Duncan Sinfield, it is mentioned that the city ​​councilor of Cupertino has approved the partial demolition of the building next door Apple Campus 2. Apple wanted to buy this entire building, but the negotiations did not come to fruition. Cupertino's are expected to renew the part of "The Hamptons," which is called the neighboring building, which is in their possession and creates about three times as many units in the area.

The Apple Campus 2 It should be fully finished by the end of 2016, although personally I do not know if they will arrive on time. What does seem safe is that employees will start working in the building in early 2017, so they will most likely start work while the final touches are still being made to the new headquarters of the team that Tim Cook leads.

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