Apple continues to lose ground in China

Despite the titanic effort that the Cupertino-based company has made these last two years, opening 40 stores in the country, the numbers that arrive from China are not what the company expected. From a time to this part China is no longer the economy I believed year after year by leaps and bounds and the economic joy of recent years is slowing. In the battle of Apple against the Chinese manufacturers, according to the latest figures we can see how Vivo and Oppo have surpassed the company, according to the latest study of Strategy Analytics.

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According to this study, device shipments to China They have fallen from 9.7 million in the second quarter of 2015 to 7.3 million in this second quarter. This decrease in shipments is caused by the drop in market share from 9.2% last year to 6.7% today. Chinese users have opted this last year for local manufacturers such as Vivo and Oppo, which are offering good quality terminals at an unbeatable price, increasing the level of satisfaction and brand awareness among users. In this last year, Vivo has managed to increase its market share from 7.4 to 11.9 today, while Oppo has gone from 6.9 to 13.9%.

The arrival to the market of Vivo and Oppo has also seriously harmed Xiaomi, which has gone from 18.6% market share to 11.7%. The lack of innovation and the increasingly high prices of its terminals are taking its toll on the company while Huawei continues to lead the market by obtaining 2 points more than last year.

According to the accounts that Apple presented the other day, Cupertino-based company revenue has dropped 33% in this last quarter compared to the same period last year. Apple is aware that China is no longer an important source of sales and currently its main bet is India, where it has already obtained the authorization of the government to begin its expansion in the country.

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