Apple cuts the price of iPhone, iPad and Mac in India by 7.5%

Gradually Apple is seeing how after several years of negotiations and in which it has been forced to make large investments present as future, little by little it is seeing its fruits. With a little luck, before the end of the year, Apple will open its first Apple Store in the country, and I say with a bit of luck because delays in the Apple Store are something unfortunately common. But in addition, Apple has just benefited from a reduction in the prices of its products in the country, a rabena nail that comes from the hand of the tax on goods and services that has reduced its percentage by 7.5%.

The reduction in the tax on goods and services It is the largest that has made the country since its independence, a movement aimed at continuing to encourage purchases in the country although this will have an impact on the revenues that the government can obtain indirectly. Thanks to this price reduction the prices of the main Apple devices are as follows:

  • iPhone 7 32GB 56,200 Rs – 761 euros
  • iPhone 7 128GB 65,200 Rs – 884 euros
  • iPhone 7 256 GB 74,400 Rs – 1,008 euros
  • iPhone 7 Plus 32 GB 67,300Rs – 912 euros
  • iPhone 7 Plus 128 GB Rs 72,000 – 976 euros
  • iPhone 7 Plus 256 GB 85,400 Rs – 1,157 euros
  • iPad Pro 10.5 inches and 64 GB 50,800 Rs – 688 euros
  • iPad Pro 10.5 inches and 256 GB: 58,300 Rs – 790 euros
  • iPad Pro 10.5 inches and 512 GB: 73,900 Rs – 1,001 euros

As we can see the new prices, which already They were very similar to those we could find in most European countries, have been reduced by a percentage that will surely motivate the sales of these products, at least among middle-class customers in the country, who had Apple products among the possible options when renewing their devices.

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