Apple discontinues the iPhone X, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE

Hours before the event of presentation of the new iPhone models, the boys of Cupertino, Apple Store Online closed, in order to prepare all the news that will be shown during that event. As usual, older models give way to newer models. In recent years, the iPhone catalog available in the Apple Store Online has increased considerably.

The reason is none other than being able to offer terminals at a cheaper price, so that more people can adopt with open arms iOS. After the celebration of yesterday's event in which the new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR were presented, the Cupertino-based company has updated the available iPhone catalog. After the last update the iPhone X, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE have been dropped from the list.

The disappearance of the iPhone X makes a lot of sense, since the new iPhone XS, offers us slight improvements compared to the first generation what could cannibalize the sales of the new generation, something that Apple obviously does not want. The disappearance of the iPhone SE, a device that according to a large number of rumors should have been updated throughout this year, can be a blow to the followers of the company that continues to prefer a small terminal to call and little else.

Today, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, remains two terminals that they work like a charm with the next version of iOS 12, I say it from my own experience, so the disappearance of the Apple catalog did not quite understand it, unless I do not want to enter the game of offering an iPhone for more than 400 euros, although I could report a lot of new users.

Today, the only models that are available To buy directly from the Apple Store Online or retail stores are:

  • iPhone 7 from 529 euros.
  • iPhone 7 Plus from 659 euros.
  • iPhone 8 from 689 euros.
  • iPhone 8 Plus from 799 euros.
  • iPhone XR from 859 euros
  • iPhone XS from 1,159 euros
  • iPhone XS Max from 1,259 euros

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