Apple faces sanctions in South Korea for its dealings with operators

For a few weeks now, Apple product users can finally visit an Apple Store and try each and every one of the Cupertino-based company's products It currently has in the market. So far, the only way to do it was through authorized resellers.

But the first step that the company has just taken at the headquarters of its maximum rival, Samsung, seems to have already encountered the first stone on the road, a stone that is costing him to overcome, since Korea's antitrust agency of the South has begun to To see with bad eyes the practices of Apple with the operators of the country.

Apple faces various sanctions by the country's antitrust agency because the country's telephone operators are having to bear all the cost of advertising that Apple performs in the country. But in addition, they are also having to take care of the repairs of the devices that are sold through the operators. As if that were not enough, Apple is also forcing operators to Buy a minimum number of devices to sell the country if you want to continue working with Apple.

The Cupertino-based company is selling the iPhone in South Korea since 2009. Since now, it has always been heavily criticized by the country's regulators and local press. According to Roger Kay, CEO of the technology analysis company Endpoint TEchnologies Associates, this is due to the tradition of the Korea Fair Trade Commission of apply extra charges to foreign companies.

It is not the first time, nor does it seem to be the last time Apple faces problems with the antitrust agencies of some countries, since he was previously fined 20 million in Taiwan for forcing operators to buy a minimum number of products and make them pay for all advertising. More recently, in 2016, France also fined Apple for the same with 49 million euros.

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