Apple, fourth most innovative company thanks to its chips

Apple has been ranked as the fourth company in Fast Company. This is nothing more than the annual list of the most innovative companies of the last year and the report has been published yesterday. Apple has appeared this year in the ranking by climbing three points since its seventh place in 2016. The company led by Tim Cook has a reputation for ranking companies with a high reputation such as Amazon, Google and Uber. Behind Apple are Snapchat, Facebook and Netflix.

The publication scored very positively on Apple for the design of four of its own chips last year, allowing it to "control its own destiny." Among them are the A10 Fusion chip of iPhone 7 and 7 iPhone Plus, the W1 chip of the AirPods, the T1 chip in the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and the S2, of the second generation of the company's smart watch, the Apple Watch

"We choose projects where we feel we can make a difference, the great features that affect the customer," said Anand Shimpi, who works on hardware technologies at Apple. For example, the impressive depth of field effect of the iPhone 7 camera? That is the direct responsibility of the new A10 chip. "The actual production of the stored image is the cause of why we put this processor," says Shimpi.

Each chip has resulted in technological advances for Apple. The W1 chip in AirPods, for example, is programmed to automatically route the audio to each headset, and boost the microphone, while its low power consumption results are industry-leading with a battery life of up to five hours with a single load

The S2 chip in Apple Watch Series 2 models results in performance improvements without sacrificing battery life and the four A10 Fusion chip cores on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is up to twice as fast as the A8 chip on the iPhone 6 and seeks a much longer battery life, up to two hours more than any iPhone has ever achieved.

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