Apple hires the head of artificial intelligence at Google

Apple has taken an important turn in the development of Siri, and has done so in the simplest, but not the cheapest way. The company has taken the straightest path and has hired the one who until now was the head of artificial intelligence and Google searches, John Giannandrea.

According to Tim Cook has confirmed his employees, Giannandrea arrives to be responsible for everything related to artificial intelligence and machine learning of the company, its great commitment since the launch of the iPhone X and one of the fields in which the company should evolve the most.

Apple continues to receive criticism for the delay that Siri has regarding its competitors. For whatever reason, even if it is for the care that the company gives to the privacy of its users' data, the reality is that Siri and the products that make use of it are far behind what other companies offer like Google and Amazon. The best example is the newly released HomePod, an excellent speaker in terms of sound quality, but still leaves much to be desired in terms of intelligence.

Giannandrea has the enormous challenge of get Siri and all of Apple's plans for artificial intelligence to take shape in the coming years. Its incorporation, after what it has achieved in Google, is very great news for Apple users who have high hopes placed in artificial intelligence, in Siri and in HomeKit, in addition to other surely related projects such as Augmented Reality and plans Apple has in automotive. Hopefully the news will not be long to wait and we can already enjoy from iOS 12 before the end of the year.

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