Apple inexplicably removes the iCloud blocking verification website

As you know, buying a second-hand iOS device can become a real risk, especially if we take into account the series of security measures that Apple introduced in iOS since the arrival of iOS 7 and that makes an iOS device that has been virtually useless illegally stolen from its owner, as it can block it and you can never restore it without its corresponding Apple ID. Apple put at our service a website that allowed us to observe the status of the iCloud lock on an iOS device, to prevent possible scams. But nevertheless, You have removed this website and its trail inexplicably.

It makes no sense in reality, and thanks to this website, which Apple included selflessly, we could avoid many dislikes when it comes to purchases of second-hand iOS devices. However, Apple has decided to eliminate it inexplicably and almost by stealth. Its a big lost, A free service from Apple that we never imagined could bother.

This change has not been definitely due to any type of server change, since when you enter the web known as “Check Activation Lock” The iCloud error is displayed.

However, Apple maintains a total silence about it, has not wanted to give more information, and we remain alert to know what has been due to this strange movement. Meanwhile, we remind you that in your day we made an article of the basic things you should know before buying a second-hand iPhone, so you can prevent possible dislikes, and they are not precisely cheap devices, so any security measure could be understood as low. Now we have to enjoy our iPhone, but we will stay alert in case this website becomes available again.

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