Apple investigates new charging methods (manual?) For its mobile devices

Mobile and wearable devices advance by leaps and bounds in virtually everything. Every time we have better screens, better antennas, more powerful software and everything improves very fast, but there is something that has stagnated: the batteries. There are many companies that are investigating to launch the next generation of batteries, but that does not mean you have to stop investigating, for example, new loading methods that allow us to extend the autonomy of a device.

According to a patent that has been made public today, Thursday, February 16, Apple is investigating a device charging mechanism capable of generating electricity through movements. But slow down your enthusiasm a little if you think that movement would be of the wrist; what we would move would be a wheel like classic watches and we would charge the watch as we did by winding watches that I dare not say in what year we stopped using them.

Apple patents a new-old charging method

Although the patent, available on this link, is a bit more complex than a simple wheel that allows us to load the Apple Watch, we cannot stop thinking that it is just that. Personally, it seems unlikely that Cupertino will add this function to your smart watch or your iPhone, something that also includes the patent. Can you imagine someone who has paid hundreds of euros for a smart watch that spends all the time spinning a wheel as if it had a clock 30 or more years ago? Moreover, also we should see how much autonomy we gain after how long turning this load wheel.

In my opinion, what Apple intends with this patent is that nobody uses an idea that they have had, that patents also work for that. But what would be much more interesting is that they implement a charging system, available on many watches, that will charge the Apple Watch or iPhone with our movements. Or take the step and launch the next generation of batteries. What do you think?

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