Apple is sued by someone who suffered an accident

We continue to receive news in the form of hilarious demand in the United States, and in the country of hamburgers they have a tendency to sue for almost anything that would hardly fit in other places like Europe. Today's is really amazing, and it is that a driver as unscrupulous as irresponsible, was sending messages through his iPhone while being transported on his motorcycle, which ended with the fatal collision. Now the injured party has decided to sue Apple for not implementing technologies that prevent driving while using the iPhone. It touches on the implausibility that this lawsuit has been admitted for processing.

According to Julio Ceja, the plaintiff, The Cupertino company has the technology available to make this type of prevention possibleHowever, you don't want to implement it:

Apple has what it takes to lock the iPhone, make it useless when it is being used by motorists or vehicle drivers. In fact, it has been using this technology since 2008, as registered in the Patent and Trademark Office in 2014.

Apple does not implement this technology for fear that it will lose an important part of the market, so they decide to ignore it, choosing not to stop the massacre on the roads.

From my point of view, humble, blaming the mobile manufacturer that people do not comply with the corresponding road rules would be the least peculiar. However, the United States is the land of lawsuits, where we can see this type of litigation, and the worst part is that sometimes they win.

We do not know for sure if we will have more news about this lawsuitWe hope not, however, we will be alert to how it progresses (if it does), even if it is because of the curiosity of knowing how they manage to argue that Apple is guilty of massacres on the roads of the United States of America.

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