Apple keeps 103% of the benefits of the global mobile market

Apple's sales figures may not be all the good that is expected of a company accustomed to growing non-stop, but what is undeniable is that when talking about a company that knows how to make a profit, without a doubt Apple is the queen absolute. Despite the drop in iPhone sales, that Android has one of the highest market shares of recent times and the unstoppable growth of Asian brands, the apple company has stayed nothing more and nothing less than with 103.6% of the profits obtained in the global smartphone market. Impossible? Keep reading and you will see that it is not a mistake.

You can not get more than 100% of something, that many will think. But if we have that manufacturers who have suffered losses get negative figures, then it can be understood that a brand gets more than 100%. As LG and HTC have obtained losses (yes, HTC, the company that manufactures the Google Pixel even if it does not want to recognize it), the global amount of profits exceeds 100%, and Apple takes almost all the cake, with a 103 , 6% of the total. How much corresponds to the manufacturer in second position? Samsung, which is the second place, is left with a tiny 0.9%, and is that the issue of explosive batteries of your Note 7 is taking its toll on the Korean brand. In fact, during the same period last year Apple only obtained 90% of the profits, which reflects how its profit has grown due to the problems of the other brands.

If you look at units sold, Samsung leads the table with 21.7% of the total, and Apple would be in second place with 13.2% according to these estimates. Curious that almost with twice the units sold, the difference in benefits is so gigantic. And it is that not only you have to look at how many smartphones are sold, but in the price of these and in the profit margin that leave the manufacturer. Selling many low-end and mid-range smartphones that barely leave profits seems not to be too fruitful business.

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