Apple launches an advertising short with Siri and The Rock as protagonists

It is not a joke, it is not April Fools Day or April Fools Day, the news is completely true and has been confirmed by one of the protagonists in his Twitter account. Dwayne Johnson, better known as The Rock (La Roca) will star in a commercial short film with Siri, the virtual assistant of Apple.

The movie is called "The Rock X Siri: Dominate the Day" and you won't have to wait until it reaches the cinema closest to your home, because Now available to everyone via YouTube completely free and we will show you below.

I have collaborated with Apple to make the biggest, coolest, sexiest and funniest movie ever. It opens tomorrow. #RockxSiri #DominateYourDay

As you can see in the poster, in which the protagonists appear, the short film can be seen on Apple's YouTube channel Although the poster speaks of "Full Film" and The Rock speaks in his tweet of "movie" It resulted in a commercial short in which the qualities of Siri are extolled to help Dwayne Johnson, the busiest actor in the world, manage to complete his work day.

After months talking about Apple's possible foray into the world of film and television, we have already seen the first television product with "Planet of the Apps", a reality show in which application developers have to convince a jury to support them. It seems that for now we will have to wait for a premiere on the big screen, because this advertising short does not believe that it falls into that category yet.

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