Apple may have its own chip to control the batteries

The battery is still the great Achilles heel of smartphones, and a field in which innovations do not end up appearing. Improvements in more efficient processors, lower consumption screens, more optimized software … all are indirect measures to achieve greater autonomy, in the absence of the battery itself being improved.

With this panorama and without major changes that seem close, the consumption management of a smartphone seems a key point in its autonomy, and Apple seems interested in managing that consumption with its own chips, and thus abandon third-party technology that is the one that now is responsible for this task. This could come as soon as 2019 and according to rumors it would be a great change for the better in the autonomy of our iPhone.

Apple's new energy management chip could be the most advanced in the industry according to the rumors, and it could have a data processing capability that would allow monitoring and better control of the battery consumption made by the different components. That would mean that iPhone users would have devices that could have better performance with lower consumption.

This is what Nikkei Asian Review publishes, ensuring that Apple would thus abandon its current supplier, the British company Dialog Semiconductor, which would remain in a rather complicated situation, since three quarters of his income during the past was precisely because of his agreement with Apple. Apple would have reached an agreement with TSMC to manufacture this exclusive power management chip.

It is not the only rumor that talks about this issue, since months ago he made sure that Apple would already be working on its own energy management chips in Germany and the United States. It is also not the first time Apple leaves a company in the lurch, the last one has been Imagination Technologies also tuned in the United Kingdom, which after losing Apple's business has been doomed to be bought by some other company.

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