Apple moves iTunes business from Luxembourg to Ireland

We continue with the controversy between Apple and its businesses in the European Union, and according to the latest information, Cupertino’s company has decided to move its iTunes business and management systems to Europe from Luxembourg, to Ireland We imagine that like many other companies, they are present in Luxembourg as companies for tax reasons. However, it does not move to a less controversial place, it goes to Ireland in full sanction and investigation procedure due to the tax “benefits” that Apple has been obtaining for years from the Irish Government.

Everything suggests that this issue will not cease to be controversial for a long time, let alone now. For starters, Apple will move all developer accounts, worth about 9,000 million dollars, directly from Luxembourg to Ireland. This final transfer will take place on February 5th.

Right now in a spiral of controversy since Apple has received a request from the European Commission that urges you to pay nothing less than $ 14.5 billion in taxes, all this due to the differential treatment that the Cupertino company has been receiving in Ireland, where it paid a ridiculous percentage with respect to other companies in the same sector. But remember that this is not limited to Apple, others like Google are also present in the country of lucky clover for these reasons.

In short, iTunes businesses move to Cork during or the next few months, from there Apple will serve no less than 100 countries, hosting information from iTunes, iBooks, Apple Music and the App Store both iOS and macOS. We do not know if this will add more or less firewood according to the rates that Apple pays in Ireland, but it is a curious move at least.

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