Apple opens its Sports section in the Apple TV app

Apple has just launched a new section in the Apple TV application, an application that is not available worldwide but that is a revolution for everyone who has Apple TV obviously. And it is that this Apple TV TV app allows us to be able to gather all the Apple TV content services in the same app. Yes, there are other websites and apps that do a similar service, but this TV app makes things much easier when we have the Apple TV.

The NBA season begins in the United States, and we return to the news of the new section that Apple has added to the Apple TV app. We refer to a new section called sports, a section that will allow us to be up to date in the sports world thanks to our Apple TV. After the jump we give you all the details of this new Sports section …

First of all, remind you that this application is not available in Spain, and it is probably in the United States where we can see more content. Definitely, The most interesting thing about this new sports section in the TV app, is to be able to choose our favorite teams from the different American leagues (MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS) in order to receive notifications with information about the different events that we can see through our Apple TV and the streaming video services that we have contracted.

You know, the Apple TV in the United States has always been another world, but it is also true that Apple is slowly giving more content to its devices in other countries. We will see if this new TV app is finally launched in Spain, the idea is quite interesting and I think it could have a good reception among Apple TV users.

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